The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce continues to be the largest and most comprehensive business organization in the Chino Valley speaking on behalf of its member firms. Members include a mix of companies of all sizes and industries, from entrepreneurial start-up companies to large long-established business entities. The Chino Valley is indeed “Open” to business and the Chamber works to make this community a premiere place to do business.

The Chamber is a nonprofit organization financed through its members’ dues investment and revenue development programs. The Chamber is not a governmental agency and does not receive public funds for its operations. Your Chamber of Commerce team, from our Board of Directors to dedicated staff, is here to help your business prosper in good times as well as those which present challenges.

History of the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce

From its inception in 1913, the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce has served as a central hub for the local business community. In recognition of the leaders who committed to serving the Chino Valley, below is a full list of past Chairs of the Board.

Upcoming Events

New Members

1913-1914: Edwin Rhodes

1915-1916: George Holcomb

1917-1918: C.F. Ten Eyck

1919-1920: S.D. McCreary

1921-1922: J.C. Reher

1923: J.S. Brown

1923: R.C. Horman

1924: C.A. Marks

1925: H.G. Shafer

1926: C.M. Craw

1927: J.B. Fugate

1928: R.H. Cattle

1929: James A. Latham

1930: Elmer L. Howell

1931: Edwin Rhodes

1932: J.M. Fisher

1933: Calvin Delphy

1934: Charles H. Frady

1935: E.W. Soper

1936: E.C. Jertberg

1937: R.P. Mogle

1938-1939: Charles D. Warner

1940: Rev. Ira H. Fox

1941: Bob Frady

1942: Glen R. Younkin

1943: Ivan C. Mayfield

1944: Clarence W. Hughes

1945-1947: Dr. T.A. Petzhold

1948-1949: W.E. Johnson

1950: L.M. McManus

1951: Charles R. Cook

1952: Ken Thornton

1953-1954: J.J. Brinderson



1954: Ken Thornton

1955-1956: John C. Rhodes

1957: W. Ed Pine

1958: Andrew Ferris

1959: Allen McCombs

1960: Bill Baughn

1961: Broer Lanting

1962: Joe Ames

1963: Bob McLoed

1964: Charles W. Smith

1965: Merrill Finnerty

1966: Lee Alves

1967: Lloyd Swindell

1968: Arthyr Rowe

1969: Kenneth Fowlkes

1970: Paul Cortez

1971: Loren Stone

1972: James Fero

1973: Jim Neller

1974: Marv Patton/Ed Boersma

1975: Lee Alves

1976: Fred Aguiar

1977: Warren Stewart

1978: Dave Huckaby

1979: Don Crawford

1980: Randy Echito

1981: Herb Stampfl

1982: Dennis Pine

1983: Tom Kyle

1984: Dennis Bruns

1985: Dick Carr

1986: Roger House

1987: John Gerardi


1988: Rose Ann Gritchin

1989: Jim Rockett

1990: Clark Burnett

1991: Bob Biberston

1992: Fred Heene

1993: Patti Harris

1995: Serge Aguilar

1996: Dave Weller

1997:  Donna DeBie

1998: Gary George

1999: Kevin Sullivan

2000: Duane Hellum

2001: Jacquelyn Carroll

2002: Ernie Delgado

2003: Bob Cruz / Ernie Delgado

2004: Donna Borden

2005: Bruce Wood

2006: Wayne Scaggs

2007: Michael Buckley

2008: Julie Gobin

2009: Julie Barreda

2010: Debbie Mitsch

2011: Patti Arlt

2012: Jami Harwood

2013: Dale Bright

2014: Karon Mulligan

2015: Zeb Welborn

2016: Belinda Douglas

2017: Frank Ortiz

2018: Eric Hasanoff

2019: Art Bennett

2020: Gigi Fix

2021: Christina Gagnier

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