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Roundtable Objectives 

The goal for roundtables is to identify problems that businesses may be facing in the Chino Valley. The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce hosts roundtables surrounding various topics throughout the year to highlight business issues and create formalized plans to tackle business issues. The following are a series of business roundtables that will be hosted in 2023 that business can participate in. 

The Chino Valley Chamber hosts 3 Different types of Roundtables all with the goals of improving workforce, economic development, and bringing awareness & connection amongst business owners and other important institutions in the area. 

All roundtables are conducted as closed conversations, moderated by industry leaders where we explore all business issues. We encourage business owners and business executives to participate in roundtables with the bravery to address pressing community issues. 

All round tables are conducted in a collaborative manner with everyone being able to voice their opinions as an act to connect with decision makers.

Community Connections Roundtable Series 

The goal of the Community Connections roundtable series is to connect business owners with local important establishments that indirectly aid in the success of their business. This includes but is not limited to police work, government, water, gas, library, and transportation, and medical facilities, schools. All of these components combined make a city habitable for residents and business owners alike to succeed in a region.

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Innovation Roundtable Series

The goal of the innovation council is to connect businesses of similar industries and sub industries with each other to address any legislative, economic, and/or workforce issues in their respective industries. The Innovation Roundtable series is meant to address business needs at the local level utilizing education institutions and government resources that can support workforce needs by providing job opportunities for residents and supporting community issues.

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion Series 

The goal of Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility, and Inclusion series is meant to highlight and support diverse businesses and a diverse workforce. In these roundtables discussions around access to capital, hiring practices, business growth, and community issues specific to certain business demographics are discussed. The Chino Valley Chamber is a leading advocate and convener of diversity, equity and inclusion to our businesses and community. The Chamber focus is to create new business relationships and partnerships across diverse audiences and create an environment that supports diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion.