Luv 2 Play: Overcoming the Challenges of the Pandemic


Jovan Romero, Owner of Luv 2 Play

In 2020, local business Luv 2 Play was in the midst of construction when the Coronavirus pandemic hit. This event resulted in a host of challenges for business owner Jovan Romero and his business partner, Martin Mariano, as funding promised to the team was allocated elsewhere. Due to the nature of the Luv 2 Play project and the stage it was in when COVID hit, they did not qualify for PPP loans and other grants businesses were able to take advantage of. This led Jovan to seek support and community with the Chino Valley Chamber.

Luv 2 Play Fundraiser for Autism Birthday Club with fellow Chamber Members: Paws 4 Success and Thinknlocal

At the time, the Chamber was hosting weekly online meetings at which business owners could come together to discuss and try to solve ongoing issues presented by the pandemic. It was at these weekly meetings where Jovan created community and connections. 

Eventually, with the support of these fellow business owners and Chamber members, Jovan and his team were able to make it through the pandemic. Now that Luv 2 Play is operational and successful, Jovan is able to carry out his mission of bringing joy to young children and their families throughout the Chino Valley. 

Senator Connie Leyva with Luv 2 Play Co Owner, Martin Mariano and Wife

Periodically, Jovan and his team host events for cancer patients and children with special needs. Even once, shutting down and fully sanitizing his entire facility so that a young child with cancer could enjoy the indoor playground with his family. Events such as these and many of his other acts of community service have led to his recognition by former State Senator Connie Leyva. The former senator and Jovan built a relationship during the pandemic when she offered her support. She has since then been an avid supporter of the Luv 2 Play and has even nominated Jovan to be part of the Chino Valley Leadership Collaborative, hosted by the Chamber.

It is these relationships and partnerships, facilitated by the Chamber, that continues to strengthen the Chino Valley business community and community at large.

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