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The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce is a founding member of the Inland Empire Chamber Alliance.

The IECA consists of 20 other Chamber Executives. We get together monthly to evaluate legislation, support pro-business legislation, and oppose legislation that will negatively impact businesses in our region.

Once positions have been established by the IECA, they draft a coalition letter that is sent out to each Chamber to be approved internally.

Our Chamber sent an email earlier this year to all members asking which business owners/leaders would like to be involved in this legislative process and formed our Legislative Action Committee.

Thank you to the below business leaders who agreed to serve on our Legislative Action Committee to make sure we are advocating for our businesses appropriately.

Thank you to our committee
  • Abu Memon - CEO of Kinematics Inc.
  • Chris Crump - Co-Founder of Xscape Pods
  • Deanna Margaritha - President, CEO at Infuzion Zone
  • Ekta Samtani - Agent with New York Life
  • John Edgar - State Farm Insurance Agent
  • Kariann Voorhees - Partner at Vooorhees & Ratzlaff Law Group
  • Kavita Bhatia - President & Broker at KB Real Estate
  • Melony Lorenzana - Publisher at Neighbors of West Chino Hills Magazine
  • Lea Petersen - Public Affairs Manager at Southern California Gas Company

Our committee has three days to review the coalition letters and vote to maintain our position, change it, or remove our Chamber from the letter.

After the three days have passed, the Inland Empire Chamber Alliance then finalizes the coalition letter and sends them to the legislative committees responsible for moving those respective bills along.

By working with the Inland Empire Chamber Alliance our voice in Sacramento, speaking on behalf of the businesses that operate in the Chino Valley, is amplified by 20 other Chambers and business organizations representing the Inland Empire.

Since January of 2020, the Inland Empire Chamber Alliance has taken the following positions on proposed legislation that would impact businesses in the Chino Valley.

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