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The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce continues to be the largest and most comprehensive business organization in the Chino Valley. From entrepreneurial startups to large-established entities, the Chamber is committed to making the Chino Valley a premier place to do business. Chino Valley is home to businesses in a variety of industries, with the most prominent being health care, manufacturing, distribution, retail, utilities, construction, and logistics.

Our businesses are facing unique challenges coming out of the pandemic. Our Upskill Chino Valley program is designed to address those challenges and create a sustainable program to help revitalize our local economy.

Upskill Chino Valley is a four-pronged approach to upskilling our community that will facilitate the Chamber transitioning to an organization that more dynamically serves the business community and focuses on: Workforce Development, Entrepreneurship Development, Economic Development, and Leadership Development.

Workforce Development

  • San Bernardino County Workforce Development Business Services Outreach:
    The Chino Valley Chamber has partnered with the County of San Bernardino Workforce Development to help utilize federal funds to create workforce development programs for residents and businesses in San Bernardino County. Over 32 businesses from the Chamber have utilized these programs:
    • On-the-job Training Funds: Reimbursing Businesses 50% of wages of new hired employees
    • Business Consulting
    • Process Improvement Consulting
    • Staff Recruitment
    • Facilities available for recruitment
    • Layoff Preventions Services
    • Business Workshops
    • Labor Market Information
    • Human Resources Hotline 1-877-282-3763
  • The Chamber has partnered with the County of San Bernardino Workforce Development Department to promote Job Fairs to meet the needs of businesses and the community. The Chamber held its first in-person job fair on October 27, 2021. Over 42 businesses and 200 job seekers participated. The Chino Valley Chino Job Fair resulted in 23 job placements.
  • The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce has promoted job opportunities on social media and has demonstrated that it has a track record of success in fulfilling the workforce development needs of its Members. The Chamber launched its Job Board, creating a central location for job postings for its Members. There are over 40 jobs posted on the Chino Valley Chamber job board.
  • The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce has partnered to make state funding available for employees training programs which include business skills, computer skills, commercial skills, manufacturing skills and continuous improvement. In collaboration with the State of California Employment Training Panel, more than ten organizations are participating in the employee training program.

Job Referrals & Placement Services for Youth:

  • Connected with Chino Valley Unified School District student leadership clubs and organizations: Future Business Leaders of America, Future Farmers of America, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Culinary Arts Program
  • Implementing programs to support job shadowing and enhance occupational skills. The Chino Valley Chamber is creating a database of paid/unpaid internships, job training, and job availability database.
  • Career Expo and Job Fair on January 14, 2022. The Chino Valley Chamber has partnered with Chino Valley Unified School District to help students find internships, career guidance, and awareness on different industry sectors such as government, business, manufacturing, medicine, and law.

Economic Development

  • The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce is uniquely positioned to fulfill the goals of Upskill Chino Valley. The Chamber represents a total of 5,905 businesses in the Chino Valley. The Chamber is creating opportunities and is assessing areas for new businesses to come to the Chino Valley to support Economic Development and create new opportunities, in industries including hospitality, health care, manufacturing, distribution, construction, logistics, and retail.
  • Facilitate industry sector meetings, trade organizations, educational institutions, and recruit industry employers to take part in various panels with local organizations. This will help to identify common issues and challenges, we can work to resolve to help attract and retain local businesses.
  • Facilitate partnership and outreach opportunities with industry leaders in the community. By connecting leaders around community growth, we can work together to resolve economic challenges facing San Bernardino County. The Chino Valley Chamber has a successful partnership and community engagement with the County of San Bernardino Workforce Development Department, County Supervisor Curt Hagman, Congresswoman Norma Torres, Assemblymember Phillip Chen, Chaffey College, Chino Valley Unified School District, City of Chino, and City of Chino Hills.
  • Support San Bernardino County Economic Development by conducting business tours with businesses interested in locating in San Bernardino County.
  • Implement a data collection program with local businesses to identify common issues and challenges to attracting and retaining businesses. This data collection will include valuable insights into the issues facing businesses and identifying problems before they become major issues for our region.

Entrepreneurship Development

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce is supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and students across Chino Valley.

  • Conduct CVCC Pitch Competition & Youth Entrepreneurship Fair to promote entrepreneurship in San Bernardino County. The CVCC Pitch Competition is a Shark Tank-like event where students present their entrepreneurial idea to a panel of judges for a chance to earn seed money for their business idea. The CVCC Pitch Competition promotes youth entrepreneurship and connects young leaders to build a strong economy. Students get to practice their pitch skills while learning how to secure funding and build valuable connections.Last year, the Competition resulted in seed funding for five new youth-led businesses from grants provided by the Chamber. We have conducted two pitch competitions so far and have given out more than $10,000 to more than 20 young entrepreneurs from grants provided by the Chamber.
  • The Youth Entrepreneurship Fair is a one-day event where elementary and junior high school students set up booths to sell products and services that they created. Our first fair was on November 6 where we had 85 young entrepreneurs participating.
  • Young Professional Monthly Mixers for Chino Hills members under the age of 40. The YPG meets monthly for professional development and networking opportunities. The Chamber Young Professional Group hosted their fourth meeting with over 30 attendees under the age of 40.
  • Create programming to facilitate local entrepreneurship with supportive programming to assist businesses at all stages of the entrepreneurial journey. We have conducted more than 50 workshops designed to educate and support local business owners and leaders.
  • Coordinating mentor/mentee relationships between local business owners and future leaders. The Upskill Chino Valley program mentors look to assist and support beginning entrepreneurs and create a sustainable vision from Upskill Chino Valley.

Leadership Development

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce is uniquely positioned to be a convener of leaders in the Chino Valley community. Throughout the COVID pandemic, the Chino Valley Leaders Webinar met every week to provide up-to-date information from community leaders and government officials.

  • Chino Valley Executive Leadership Program aspires to create sustainable leadership for residents and businesses. The executive leadership program will connect aspiring leaders with current leaders to develop a stronger understanding of the issues facing our local economy and identify solutions to resolve those problems. This program will include site visits:
    • Ontario International Airport
    • City Council Members
    • Fire Department
    • Police Department
    • Higher Education
    • Logistics Industry
    • Healthcare Industry
    • Military Professionals
    • Non - Profit Industry
    • Small Businesses
    • Large Businesses
  • The Chino Valley Executive Leadership Program will allow community leaders, decision-makers in businesses, service, education, community organizations, and government collaborate to come together and facilitate sessions and conversations with policymakers, industry experts, and visionary leaders for a unique opportunity to make an impact on the critical challenges facing our cities and region and for Chamber members to grow professionally in a civic leadership framework.
  • The Chino Valley Executive Leadership Program will launch in September 2022. Leaders, businesses, and community members interested in participating should email for registration and more information.

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