Program Goals

This program aims to give leaders in organizations the opportunity to create long-term relationships with other organization leaders that exist in the Chino Valley Area. The program includes guided tours in various organizations around the Chino Valley Area with organizations in healthcare, education, public safety, manufacturing, government, and more. There will also be an opportunity for the cohort to select and implement a community project that will benefit the wider community. Lastly, there are opportunities for participants to work with students from Chino Valley Unified School District acting as a mentor during a workshop led by leaders in their respective industry.

Ideal Candidate: 

  • Hold positions that demonstrate leadership in professional and civic/volunteer endeavors
  • Aspirations to serve on boards or other leadership roles in the community
  • Good standing in the community 
  • A strong commitment to the program to attend and participate in all activities, tours, workshops, and discussions
  • Interest in mentoring and working with youth in the community

Financial Commitment 

  • Member Pricing: $1,497 
  • Non-Member Pricing: $1,997 

Time Commitment 

  • The CVLC 2023 – 2024 program will begin in November 2023 and end in July 2024. 
  • CVLC participants are expected to commit approximately one (1) day per month
  • Participants must commit to additional time outside of CVLC scheduled days, with their cohorts, to plan and participate in their community impact project. 
  • Proper attire requirements vary depending on the actual day. 
  • Dates are subject to change – prior notice will be given to participants. 


  • To create long term relationships amongst important organizations in the Chino Valley.
  • To create and propose a communal project that will benefit the Chino Valley community.
  • To identify personal and professional strengths amongst organization leaders and utilize their talents for the improvement of the Chino Valley. 

Core Values 

  • Collaboration
  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Community

Chino Valley Leadership Collaborative

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