Over $14,000 Distributed to Chamber Members

Student Hires Team
From left: Renay S. Mehta, Nikki Kardar, Travis LaFond










In the month of February, the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce signed 3 On the Job Training (OJT) contracts for a total amount of $14,880.

Congratulations to Kardar Insurance Company for having Travis Lafond join the team. 

Congratulations to Student Hires for hiring two new team members to their team: Scarlett and Sarah.

On the Job Training is a great program to grow your business. Manuel from Student Hires has greatly benefited from this program. He started with one classroom and grew to more than 12 classrooms. He started with 50 students and now has more than 228 enrolled students. He also expanded his team from 3 to 18 team members. In total, Student Hires has been able to receive $25,440 On the Job training funds.

Through the OJT program, the Chamber has been able to help more than 10 businesses in the Chino Valley and has distributed about $70,000 in funding to date.