Chino Valley Next Gen: A New Generation in the Workforce

Mixer at Silverlake Ramen Chino Hills – February 2023

As times are changing and a new generation enters the workforce, we must adapt and pour our resources into the young professionals in our communities. With this in mind, the Chino Valley Chamber is in the phase of rebranding and reprogramming its young professionals program aptly renamed: Chino Valley Next Gen.

With this group, the Chamber hopes to be a resource for young entrepreneurs and professionals who are starting their careers. The goals are to aid young professionals in professional development – through workshops and mentorship opportunities, community service – through volunteer opportunities, and good old – fashioned networking.

The Chamber invites any young professional looking to build connections, join a community of like – minded individuals, and those with the hopes of excelling in their fields.

If you are interested in joining, please email