CVCC Hosts Career Day with 600 Elementary School Students

Chino Valley Fire Reps with Newman Elementary School Students

On March 24th, the Chino Valley Chamber hosted a Career Day with over 600 students and 10 career professionals at Newman Elementary, in the city of Chino.

The students were able to learn about each of the professions represented that day. Each professional prepared a 30 minute presentation giving the students an in depth look at their careers. Some of the careers represented were: graphic design, firefighter/ paramedic, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and more.

Youth Program Director, Nicole Tabatabai said, “It’s truly a great opportunity for students to learn about different professions and career paths at an early age and it’s always great to see members of the community coming together to support education.”

The Chino Valley Chamber’s goal is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in the youth of Chino Valley. We hope to continue providing  insight and resources to the students and young entrepreneurs in our communities.