Setting the Vision for CVUSD Students

Coach Tee Lee speaking to Canyon Springs Elementary Students

During the first 2 months of 2023, the Chino Valley Chamber hosted several Vision Board Workshops for CVUSD students. The series of workshops started on January 24th at Country Springs Elementary School where 600 students had the opportunity to learn from Coach Tee Lee of She Is Foundation Network.

Coach Tee taught the elementary school students about Goal Setting and putting their dreams into action. While chanting “Yes I Can”, the students learned about the power of affirmations and the importance of having not only the vision but the determination to set their goals into motion. After an empowering presentation, the students were off to their classrooms where they began working on their own vision boards.

Canyon Springs Elementary, 4th Grade Class Vision Board Workshop






After interviewing the students, CVCC staff learned about the interesting careers they were dreaming of. Some students were aspiring doctors and entrepreneurs, some set their sights on more unique career pathways such as zoologist and video game designer. It was inspiring to see such young people dream so big and already know what direction they wanted to take with their futures.

The Chino Valley Chamber was proud to host this series of Vision Board Workshops to empower the youth in our region to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills. It is the Chamber’s ongoing vision to upskill the Chino Valley region from our working population down to the future entrepreneurs and leaders of the next generation.

Bryan Choi, 4th Grade
Noriana Tabatabai, 2nd Grade with CVCC Staff
Kaylee Chu, 5th Grade and CVCC Youth Program Director , Nicole Tabatabai