Meet & Greet with Senator Susan Rubio


In June, the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted a meet-and-greet roundtable with Senator Susan Rubio. The discussion brought together businesses from various industries within the Chino Valley. Moderated by Chamber President Zeb Welborn, the conversation covered topics such as retail theft, entrepreneurship, and workforce development.

Senator Rubio began by sharing her history of public service, including her 20 years as an educator and her subsequent move into city council. “Don’t tell me stories. Show me the data,” she said, explaining how her experiences shape her decision-making and thought processes. “I always like to look five years ahead,” she added, emphasizing her forward-thinking approach.
“I try really hard to have a business perspective,” Senator Rubio continued, referring to legislation that may impact businesses.
Many attendees expressed concerns about the workforce shortage. Over the past two years, the Chamber has received over $1 million to address workforce issues. “We’re going to need support from our business community,” said Zeb Welborn, the CEO/President of the Chino Valley Chamber. UpSkill Chino Valley, which guides the Chamber’s work, is dedicated to improving the community through workforce development and economic development programs. These initiatives include workforce development, leadership development, entrepreneurship development, and economic development.
Zeb Welborn also shared exciting updates on the Chamber’s progress in workforce and economic development:
Addressing the Workforce Shortage:
  • CVCC has placed over 350 people in jobs within the Chino Valley.
  • CVCC has received $500,000 in ETP funds to support upskilling employees in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and healthcare.
  • CVCC partners with Chaffey Community College to place students in internships in the Inland Empire.
  • CVCC received $300,000 to support justice-involved individuals.
“I hope to now create this beautiful partnership together,” Senator Rubio shared, expressing her desire to work more closely with the Chamber to positively impact the community.
If you’re interested in joining our future roundtables or legislative action committee, email Community Engagement Director, Julia Cabrera, at

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