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A Message From Marketing Director Abby Treadwell

Members of the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce,

As I approach my final few days as Marketing Director for the Chino Valley Chamber, I wanted to take the time to thank each member, volunteer, and colleague for making the past 8 months such an invaluable experience.

When I reflect on my first few days as a staff member, I admit to having a rather limited frame of reference as to the role of a Chamber of Commerce. Being a younger millennial, I can now say that the extent of my experience with a Chamber consisted of purchasing fourth of July firework tickets once a year, and maybe the occasional t-shirt or two. 

What I have now seen goes far beyond firework tickets and t-shirts. The Chino Valley Chamber provides an opportunity to connect and support both small and large businesses at every touchpoint of their story. From the early stages of securing a business license to becoming a trusted partner in the community, businesses rely on the Chamber to serve as an integral ally in their organization’s success.

To all of the Chamber staff, and membership, I thank you for guiding me this past year and entrusting me to execute on the Chamber’s marketing initiatives. I look forward to seeing all of your businesses succeed in the coming year, and hope to stay in touch when I make my way back to Southern California.


Abby Treadwell

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