Chino Valley Reopening Business Survey Results

A month ago we conducted a survey of our members on how they were planning on opening back up when the time was right. We had 25 Chino Valley businesses respond to our survey to share their thoughts on opening back up when the stay-at-home orders loosened in the Chino Valley. 

I asked the questions below of our businesses and am including a summary of the responses we received. I hope these results will help to make our community feel better about doing business in the Chino Valley and give some insight into the thoughts and minds of businesses in the Chino Valley. 

Please keep in mind that the 25 different businesses reflect businesses from across the Chino Valley. Some are physical locations, some have high foot traffic, and some are home-based businesses.

What practices would need to be implemented for you to feel safe shopping at another Chino Valley business?

Our businesses were overwhelmingly concerned for their safety when shopping at other Chino Valley businesses. To feel comfortable shopping at another business: 

  • 7 owners responded they wanted to see employees wearing face masks/shields
  • 10 wanted to see social distancing in place
  • 2 wanted hand sanitizer easily available
  • 6 wanted the business to be cleaned regularly 
  • 2 wanted temperature checks of employees/customers
  • 3 thought people were overreacting and were not concerned at all

Some interesting responses to this question were: 

  • I take a hard stand on this based on infection control background. When public health officials indicate it is safe to reopen businesses there will still be a clear threat from a public safety standpoint of transmitting CoronaVirus. Therefore, until public health orders a complete all clear order~ I will not visit any business that does not have staff wearing masks, lysol wipes and hand sanitizer at every entrance and check stand and evidence of staff actively sanitizing all common areas which need physician distancing protections. I also will not visit businesses if there is evidence of the public rebelling and not complying 100% with public health orders outside and inside the business. As a former infection control nurse I know that complete compliance by everyone is required whether they like it or not until such time as public health officials only provide guidance that everyone adheres to including citizens, business owners and politicians.
  • City to allow temporary permit for outside seating – patio or wide open parking lots for restaurants

What is your plan to reopen your business as safely as possible? 

  • 14 businesses were requiring employees/customers to wear masks or shields
  • 12 businesses were requiring social distancing
  • 4 businesses were having hand sanitizer readily available for customers/employees
  • 10 were improving the cleanliness of their facilities
  • 7 were encouraging customers/employees to stay home if sick and giving temperature checks
  • 4 were incorporating barrier shields to separate customers/employees
  • 9 were shifting their business model to be virtual, to go, telecommuting or operating by reservation only
  • 3 were having campaigns to educate their customers and employees on safety protocol

What are the resources or directions you think you will need in order to open and comply with social distancing guidelines? 

  • Clear safety guidelines from the county and city
  • Community awareness for compliance
  • PPE equipment for clientele 

Is there anything else you want to share related to reopening businesses in your community?

Some interesting responses to that question are: 

  • Just that as a high risk individual I must be very careful about any possible exposure to CV.
  • Please Be patient because we are putting our lives on the line to serve people. And some people just aren’t being considerate Of social distancing and being healthy and so it’s harder to get the employees to want to work
  • No business wants an outbreak so I feel we must rest assured that business owners across the county will be doing the right thing. Having an outbreak could cause a serious impact on the future of a business.
  • We are losing our resistance to disease by staying locked in so long. The sun is the best thing to kill the disease. People are suffering financially, emotionally and spiritually. Get this state back open, If people don’t want to move about – let them stay home and let the rest of us go on without life and stop killing our economy. Count the cost of those who are suffering emotionally. Domestic abuse is up – relaps is up – suicide is up. Wake up America.
  • Sanitation will be a big part of continuing good health.
  • Additional inspections before reopening would add more wait time and expense to restaurants that are already hurting.
  • Patient and employee safety is our priority. We are taking all the necessary measures to protect while taking care of our patients.
  • If masks are going to be required then it needs to be enforced that they cover nose and mouth, not hanging at the chin.
  • We have to trust that we are all capable of healing as a community without having to police each other. Act responsibly with our own health to keep our cities safe.
  • Retail businesses are suffering and their Landlords. We absolutely need local municipalities to come up strict safety guidelines so that these businesses can open their doors but still practice safety for customers and employees.
  • This is OUR livelihood… OUR savings… OUR commitment to our community and clients. I wont’ take chances when it comes to their health and well being.

Since creating this survey, the County of San Bernardino has released the COVID-Compliance Business Partnership Program.

COVID-Compliance Business Partnership Program

The County of San Bernardino is committed to rebuilding and sustaining a high quality of life for its residents and businesses.

To support our local small businesses and help ensure ongoing compliance with State and County Health orders and direction, San Bernardino County is implementing the COVID Compliant Business Partnership Program.

This program has two components.

  1. Funding of $2,500 for eligible Small Businesses with 1-100 employees
  2. Support and Partnership for ALL eligible County businesses who wish to become a COVID Compliant Business Partner

This program will support our local small businesses by reimbursing and/or offsetting costs and impacts directly related to complying with COVID-19 related business protocols and providing support to all eligible County businesses who apply for the program.

Prior to receiving funding, San Bernardino County small businesses must demonstrate compliance with State/County public health orders, and incorporate safety and social distancing practices and measures in their business operations. 

Total funding available for this program is $30,000,000. Eligible businesses, per qualifying location, can receive up to $2,500. Deadline for Application: August 31, 2020

Visit to apply.

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