We’re Raising the Woof! Shell Roofing and Paws 4 Success

Rudy Gutierrez, president and CEO of Shell Roofing Solutions has donated a brand new high-tech $70,000 roof to Executive Director and Non-profit of the Year Awardee, Paws 4 Success. 

The heat brought on by the summer months proved to be a difficult time for Paws 4 Success. Executive Director, David Harrison, has been successfully running the non – profit for 2 years and every year he noticed that his clients avoided training during certain periods of the year. Prior to the roof installation, the barn in which Harrison conducts training would heat up to 20 – 25 degrees hotter than outside temperatures in the summer. Inversely, in the cooler months rain and moisture seeped through the ceiling providing poor insulation. These conditions made training difficult for their staff, dogs, and already vulnerable clients. Paws 4 Success Executive Director, David Harrison, said “With the new roof installed, we have better consistency with training and clients are able to come in year round.”

Rudy and David had been introduced to each other at events put on by the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce but it was at the Barks Bazaar, an event hosted by Paws 4 Success where Rudy got to experience, first hand, David’s training facility and his passion for improving the quality of life of our most vulnerable community members. Paws 4 Success’s mission is to build a strong relationship between dogs and dog owners with physical and mental disabilities. On that day, Rudy was able to witness the strong emotional impact David has on his clients and was called to donate not only a roof but to sponsor the training of a dog for a young girl who was suffering from seizures. At least  3 – 4 times a year, Shell Roofing donates roofs for those who are in need which makes this partnership a match made in heaven. With the help of his brother and business partner, Hector, they were able to design a unique anti-moisture, anti-bug, and energy efficient roofing system made of 100% recycled materials that is projected to have a 40+ year durability. With the donated $70,000 roof, David Harrison was able to sponsor two trainings in his facility to two other vulnerable community members. 

The Chino Valley Chamber aims to create strong networks and strategic partnerships among its members and we greatly celebrate when partnerships like these unfold. It is immensely inspiring to witness our members, not only run successful businesses, but see them pour into our great community utilizing what resources they have. Thank you to Shell Roofing Solutions and Paws 4 Success for being outstanding members of our Chino Valley business community and community at large.


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