Chino Valley Business Expo Event Recap

Due to the pandemic, our Business Expo looked a bit different than in years past.

Instead of an in-person expo, the Chamber organized a virtual event to highlight 66 participating businesses. By utilizing online marketing tools such as social media, email outreach, and our website, we were able to reach thousands of people.
Our #CVBizMonth Campaign generated the following results:
Sent out over 21 emails to our 2,000+ Chino Valley businesses
Numerous #CVBizMonth businesses featured in Champion Newspapers
236,845 people saw our promotions on Google and 1,193 people clicked through to our #CVBizMonth webpage
70,500 people were reached on Facebook a total of 127,154 times and 2,174 people clicked through to the website
9,690 people visited our website during our #CVBizMonth campaign
With all of the content we collected during #CVBizMonth, we were able to submit these videos to appear on Chino (Monday through Friday from 12-1 PM) and Chino Hills Channel 3. Have you seen our Chamber content on Channel 3 yet?

We want to extend a huge thank you to each of the businesses who took part in our virtual expo.

In particular, we want to extend our appreciation to our Chairman’s Circle sponsors (especially the City of Chino, City of Chino Hills and Foddrill Construction) for identifying 16 businesses that were facing immense challenges during COVID to give them some additional exposure.

Please consider supporting these Chino Valley businesses who are looking to build a stronger business community in the Chino Valley.

You can also see their posts by searching for the #CVBizMonth hashtag on any social media channel.

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