Advocating for Businesses in 2020

Advocating for Businesses in 2020

Before the pandemic hit, our Chamber was getting much more active in helping advocate for businesses. We are members of the Western Association of Chamber Executives, US Chamber and the Inland Empire Legislative Alliance.

We will continue partnering with these entities to help support businesses at the Federal, State, County and local levels.

Legislative Advocacy & Action

As our members began to navigate state-mandated closures, the Chamber worked with federal representatives to ensure that small businesses in the Chino Valley were supported through the CARES Act.

Additionally, the Chamber sent the below letters to our local elected officials.

These letters advocated for additional relief, as well as more fair and equitable considerations when addressing mandated closures. Following these efforts, a second round of federal funding was announced to support small businesses experiencing hardships.

The Chino Valley Chamber also supported the Inland Empire Chamber Alliance to develop the below stances on legislation affecting business owners.

Legislative Support and Opposition 


AB 196: Workers' compensation: COVID-19: essential occupations and industries. (Opposed)

AB 664: Workers' compensation: injury: communicable disease. (Oppose)

AB 828: Temporary moratorium on foreclosures and unlawful detainer actions: coronavirus (COVID-19). (Oppose)

AB 1907: California Environmental Quality Act: emergency shelters: supportive and affordable housing: exemption. (Support)

AB 1925: Worker status: independent contractors: small businesses. (Support)

AB 2421: Land use: permitting: wireless communications: emergency standby generators. (Oppose)

AB 2466: California Community Health Fund. (Oppose)

AB 2501: COVID-19: homeowner, tenant, and consumer relief. (Oppose)

AB 2712: California Universal Basic Income (CalUBI) Program. (Oppose)

AB 2843: Local employer affordable housing fees: Affordable Housing Assistance Fund.

AB 3054: California Environmental Quality Act: judicial challenge: litigation transparency: identification of contributors. (Support)

AB 3056 Warehouse distribution centers. (Oppose)

AB 3075: Wages: enforcement. (Oppose)

AB 3205: Regions Rise Grant Program. (Support)

AB 3216: Employee leave: authorization. (Oppose)

SB 246: Oil and gas severance tax. (Oppose)

SB 1352: Gas corporations: renewable gas procurement. (Support)

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