Chino Valley Business Coronavirus Survey Results

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce conducted a Chino Valley Business survey asking businesses how they have been impacted by the coronavirus.

We had 87 businesses respond to the following questions:

  • What difficulties are you facing? 
  • What resources do you need?
  • What action(s) has your business taken to address COVID-19?
  • How can the Chamber best help you?
  • How has your financial situation been impacted?
  • Do you have ideas on ways we can support businesses?
  • Are your employees impacted?
  • Are you providing support to others?

Based on the responses Chino Valley businesses have indicated the following challenges: 

  • Non-essential businesses are suffering. Survey participants indicate their revenue has either stopped completely or have been severely impacted.
  • Membership businesses have customers who are placing accounts on hold or are dropping them completely.
  • Employees in all businesses have been showing up to work less
  • Traffic for business has been severely impacted
  • Contracts have been halted or delayed indefinitely
  • Businesses have a large amount of receivables and are concerned with getting paid. 
  • Businesses have indicated drops in revenue from 70 to 100%
  • Eye Care, Publishers and Real Estate companies have expressed hardships

Chino Valley businesses have indicated the following needs:

  • Financial assistance to pay rent, business equipment, other monthly expenses
  • Training on the utilization of online resources including Zoom
  • Debt forgiveness
  • Inventory supplies to keep patients and staff safe
  • Extensions of rent from landlords
  • Need to open so members don’t quit
  • Hand sanitizer, donations, masks
  • Support from community and promotion of businesses still in operation

Businesses have taken the following actions:

  • Sanitizing everything
  • Social Isolation
  • Allowing for telecommuting
  • Switching events and activities to online platforms
  • Updated clients and employees on CDC guidelines
  • Cancelling in-person appointments
  • Following government mandates and communicating with clients
  • Closed completely/temporarily
  • Posted signage to promote proper sanitization
  • Entire building is locked down
  • Everyone wearing masks, protective wear and gloves.

The Chamber can best help businesses by:

  • Keeping them informed
  • Creating a list of restaurants that offer takeout/delivery services
  • Creating a list of all businesses still in operation during the lockdown
  • Provide applications and links to any information about resources that become available
  • Advocate for businesses to receive financial assistance
  • Partner with landlords, property management companies and landlords to defer payments

Financial Situation of businesses are:

  • Income dropped to 0
  • Lost clients and employees
  • All pending sales cancelled
  • Significant decline in revenue
  • Can’t pay rent or loan
  • Devastating impact with reported drop in revenues from 70 to 100%
  • Future revenues have been impacted

We can support businesses by:

  • Highlighting businesses/promoting businesses
  • Educating businesses on government/grant/loan assistance
  • Offer online trainings/presentations
  • Buy local
  • Provide resources for impacted businesses
  • Support overhead costs/rent/mortgage
  • Working with property owners to defer payments
  • Work with utilities to defer payments
  • Provide outreach and support
  • No taxes during crisis

Employees have been impacted by: 

  • Employees are impacted at most employers with layoffs, furloughs, or reduced hours
  • Employees are utilizing sick time and vacation time limiting business productivity
  • Telecommuting has presented challenges to some businesses
  • Nearly all businesses surveyed expressed some minor and some substantial impact to employees

Businesses are helping others by: 

  • Offering telehealth appointments
  • Distributing information about how to diminish risk
  • Emotional support
  • Created a Facebook page to offer services online
  • Offering free food delivery/discount on curbside pickups
  • Assisting church, neighborhood and businesses
  • Checking in with elderly customers to make sure they are ok.
  • Discounts on To Go Orders
  • Supporting other businesses who are struggling
  • Providing food to students
  • Supporting the homeless with food and support
  • Educate businesses on social distancing and wearing protective gear
  • Supporting quick repair of Amazon fleet to ensure on-time deliveries
  • Shopping locally and ordering takeout
  • Promoting businesses on social media

If you’re a better visual learner I delivered the results of our Chino Valley Coronavirus Survey on a Facebook Live video which you can watch here –

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